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Tom Bell’s debut album, “Face To Face”, is a pioneer of its kind; masterfully crafted, fusing two seemingly contrasting genres – classical and boogie woogie, in order to capture the very best of the piano’s possibilities.

The CD contains ten gripping tracks, where Bell’s rare talent radiates not just as a pianist but as a creator.

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Opening with “Bell’s Boogie”, a lightning fast stomp in C major, your foot will instantly be set tapping, and your heart racing. Other boogies include “Pinetops Boogie Woogie” and “F Boogie” – an aggressive jump blues where Bell squeezes more notes into four minutes than seems physically possible!

The up-tempo feel is maintained, yet contrasted in colour with Chopin’s insanely difficult studies, “Waterfall” and “Ocean”. Powerful and evocative, these aren’t for the faint hearted and certainly not to be attempted without a hand surgeon present! Bell’s emotive playing of the etudes conjures up the grandeur of the natural imagery from the romantic movement, as well as demonstrating formidable technique.

All of the above are refreshed by tracks such as, “Sunday Morning Blues”, a slower, lilting new Orleans blues shuffle and Ballade No.4; a true lyrical story and possibly Chopin’s greatest and most demanding work ever written. Bell gives a moving and emotional performance; his piano sparkles and the experience will last a lifetime.

Finally, percussive parallels linking classical and blues are explored in Beethoven’s sonorous “Moonlight Sonata Movement 3”. Also, older classics, Honky Tonk Train Blues and Pinetops Boogie Woogie have been revamped with Bell’s original new arrangements and improvisations.

Quite simply, a “must have” for any piano fan; a truely exceptional collection from one of the UK’s best pianists that will delight a range of ages and musical tastes.

7 reviews for Face to Face

  1. Sophie Kish

    This album is amazing, it showcases Tom’s talent superbly. I LOVE ‘F Boogie’ and ‘Ballade No.4’

  2. Chris Ritzmann

    I’ve listened to your album 3 times so far and I think it’s super! You should feel very proud of it. I especially like the mix of styles and your original pieces are very engaging and foot-tappingly good. I like the laid back tempo on Sunday Morning Blues and Friday’s Groove makes me think you should explore jazz more. I was also thinking that you might think about whether you could compose a piece that fused boogie, jazz and classical. It seems to me that the crossover market is where there might be ground to be broken and this area sometimes yields very popular and/or novel albums, like Patrick Hawes,’ operatic boy bands, and you may have heard about Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony which went viral. Putting together your superb skills in a fusion sounds really exciting to me. I’m in awe of your talent. Great stuff Tom!

  3. Matthew Moore

    I expect big things – always think big. I reckon you’ll go places. Best I’ve heard, been to Jools Holland concerts and your CD is more impressive.

  4. Jon Millar

    Well Ive had a listen now and well, WOW! Let me tell you something, I consider myself a “clean” player and when I did the exams (many many years ago eek!) 2 examiners thought that I had perfect pitch, but your level is waaaaaaay beyond this, I think you must have Dolby 7.1 surround sound perfect pitch!! Amazing standard. Im a big fan of Honky Tonk train, your version is great. I agree I hear hints of James Booker in Sunday Morning Blues. Totally agree with you on Ballade No4 incredible playing are you sure your haven’t got 8 fingers on each hand ;). Bells Boogie very like Jools, real clean playing. F Boogie is great, a few classical runs in there mix it up in a unique-to-you way, nice!

    I’ll listen to it more over the next few weeks, you are now on the car SD card.

    Your a great talent, you really deserve to be the UKs next “New and Improved Jools”

    Let me know if you perform around the Midlands

    You have a new fan


  5. Michelle Usherwood

    We are very impressed by his talent, and we loved it! Well done.

  6. Mandy Hopkinson

    Blimey, Tom is really talented!!!!!!! I love tracks 4 & 8 they are my favourites… I really hope this takes him places. Well done Tom!

  7. Olesh Piddubriwnyj

    An absolute joy to listen too. Tom is an exceptionally skilled musician and I would highly recommend a listen.

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